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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Putting Your Best Team Forward

Despite the callups from roster expansion, Melvin announced that they wouldn't play much, because,
We owe it to the league and ourselves to put our best team on the field against teams fighting for the postseason.
Isn't that interesting? Makes me wonder what else is going on Melvin's mind these days. For two years now we've watched Melvin not put his best team on the field. What's suddenly different in September of 2004?

After the Marinners rolled over and allowed the rest of the AL to build pennant hopes on Mariner implosions, shouldn't we ask if Melvin hasn't already done enough for the rest of the league? Hasn't the last half of this season been dedicated to evaluating new players and building for the future? Following Melvin's logic, didn't the Mariners owe it to the rest of the league back in July and August to field the best team they could instead of doing wholesale callups from the minor leagues?

At the same time, if I were a fan of Boston or other teams in the AL West, I would be greatly encouraged by Melvin's comments. Because I think Melvin is saying that Willie Bloomquist and his thunderstick will be in the lineup regularly.

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