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Friday, September 17, 2004


Some High Cheese to go With That Whine?

From the Daily Southtown (Tinley Park, Illinois) last Wednesday after the Twins beat the White Sox 10-2 and went up 11-1/2 games on the Sox with 18 to play.
Yes, the American League Central Division title has all but been conceded to Minnesota for a third consecutive season, as a 10-2 Twins victory the Metrodome just about put the final nail in the Sox coffin.

However, several Sox players said it hurts less knowing that while the Twins are going to the postseason for a third straight season, they also expect their rivals to have a short stay once the playoffs begin.

"I think they keep forgetting that we lost our two best players this year," one Sox player said. "We have Magglio (Ordonez) and Frank (Thomas), we're looking at a different story here.

"That's fine, let them do their talking and clapping and antics on the basepaths. Minnesota has two World Series banners, but not one came from this group of players. They forget that. I'll be glad to sit back and watch them go one and done (in the playoffs). Our season ends Oct. 3 or whatever it is. So they'll get an extra week in before they're done."
And how many World Series banners has this group of White Sox players brought to Comiskey (excuse me, U$$ellular)? How may times times has this core group of Twins players gone to playoffs in the last several years? I thought so.

Oh, well, ... I also see the Sox player made those comments anonymously. What a pity. Don't you think high cheese would have gone well with that whine?

Perhaps of interest to Mariners fans was the peformance of ex-Mariner Freddy Garcia.

Freddy Garcia pitched like, well ..., Freddy Garcia. Freddy had a no-hitter through five innings (2 BB, 1 HBP). Then he didn't get a couple of calls in the top of the sixth, got upset, and completely lost it. He faced 7 batters in the top of the sixth with the following results, as recorded at ESPN.com:

    -A Ojeda walked.

    -H Blanco walked, A Ojeda to second.

    -S Stewart sacrificed to pitcher, A Ojeda to third, H Blanco to second.

    -J Jones singled to left, A Ojeda scored, H Blanco to third.

    -T Hunter doubled to left, H Blanco scored, J Jones to third.

    -J Morneau intentionally walked.

    -L Ford singled to left center, J Jones and T Hunter scored, J Morneau to second.

    -N Cotts relieved F Garcia.
Freddy went 5-1/3 innings, giving up 6 runs (5 earned) on 3 hits and 5 walks, with 2 K's. He threw 96 pitchers, 45 for strikes.

After the game, Freddy had this to say about his performance:
"I made a couple pitches and didn't get a call, but I've got to forget about it," Garcia said.
Upon reading that I had one of those good old deja moo moments - that's when someone says something and you know you've heard that BS before.

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