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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Et tu, Brian?

It's time now. It's probably past time. But it's definitely time. This is the last post at Mariners Wheelhouse.

I’ve been delaying the inevitable. I've known that I can't put the time in that I've done in the past. But when I read Brian’s comments at Redbird Nation, I knew it was the end. Brian's situation is virtually identical with mine, but he expresses it much more eloquently than I could. So I'll just add, "Me, too!" and hang my cleats on the hook next to Brian's.

Immediately below this post is my farewell to Edgar. I've been mentally composing the Edgar farewell periodically since August. I wanted to at least get those thoughts out before bowing out.

It's agonizing cutting back on blogging at times such as this. My frustrations in November of 2003 were what led me to start blogging. Fortunately, there are still quite a few Mariners bloggers who haven't recognized the need to have another life. So most of what I might want to say is already being said by someone else.

I suspect the muse may still visit occasionally. So, rather than try to keep Mariners Wheelhouse active for the occasional post, Jeff Sullivan has agreed to put my stuff up at the probably soon to be renamed Leone for Third blog. (Note to Jeff: Since you seem to prefer advocacy-type blog names, how about "DFA Bloomquist!". I also understand that "Mariners Wheelhouse" might soon be available.) You may also see me hanging out in the comments areas of various blogs and the occasional message board.

I will keep the content of Mariners Wheelhouse posted so it will be accessible for reference. After today, though, there probably won’t be any new content here.

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